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This website accompanies the exhibition which ran  

 at the St Albans Museum + Gallery from

4th February to 15th May 2022. 

To see what you missed, or to revive memories of your visit, go to the video walkthrough of the exhibition. 

There were over 18,000 visitors during the fifteen weeks.  The visitors' book feedback reflects the event's success.  The wordcloud below shows the most frequent words that occurred in the comments.

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This exhibition stems from the SAMS Roots and Mapping SAMS Roots projects, carried out by St Albans Masorti Synagogue (SAMS) to have a lasting record of the diverse roots of our community members. The projects gathered over 100 stories, some of which are featured in this exhibition, reflecting its universal themes.  Read about the exhibition here.


What are your stories? 


Everyone has a story!  We hope that this exhibition will stimulate discussion with your families and community about your roots and family histories.

Your feedback is welcome.  Please contact

For many more stories see also  

You can contact us here for our toolkit on mapping your own community's roots. 

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