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Today the St Albans Jewish community navigates the delicate balance between preserving tradition and embracing changes in society.  The community is welcoming and inclusive, cherishing the values of tolerance and openness.


Inter-faith dialogue and joint community projects are integral to local Jewish life, fostering strong relationships between neighbours in this great city which has become home. 

BLM from Father Watson.jpg

St Albans Masorti Synagogue (SAMS) supporting the St Albans Black Lives Matter movement, 2020

United Synagogue Sopwell.jpg

St Albans United Synagogue members cleaning up the River Ver at Sopwell Nunnery,

Mitzvah (Community) Day 2019

family tea.jpg

SAMS family tea at joint baking event with

Herts Welcomes Refugees, 2018

school visit.JPG

School visit to St Albans United Synagogue, 2016   


SAMS Sunflowers multi-faith toddler group, 2015

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