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With thanks to 

St Albans Masorti Synagogue

Helen Singer (project management)

Caroline Pearce, Pauline Symons

Talya Baker (proof reading) 

Hayley Posener (photography)

St Albans Museum + Gallery

Sarah Keeling


Devorah Moritz

Production Credits

Exhibition Design: Simon Leach Designs

Graphic Design: David Sudlow Designers

Sound Design: Dan Savage

Graphic Production: Stylo

Mounts & Displays: Dauphin

Website: Jon Meier

Additional Support

St Albans United Synagogue

Additional objects and images loaned by

Linda Alman

Eva Schloss MBE

Martin Sherman

Additional sound credits

Beverly Cohen

Nick Grant

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth 

All our contributors

Barbara Cohen

Marshall Colman

Jo Conroy

Brian Davis

Judy Davis

Michele Fox

Jonathan Freedman

David Gelernter

Evelyn Gold

Ruth Goldsmith

Kitty Hart-Moxon OBE

Andrew Hougie

Debbie Hougie

Louise Levy

Darren Marks

Jon Meier

Caroline Pearce

Sylvia Schloss

Helen Singer

Jennifer Taylor

David Zwaig

Norma Zwaig

Image credits

Jewish Refugees 1939:  Getty Images, Credit: Stephenson / Stringer Editorial #: 3322532 Collection: Hulton Archive

P41/44: List of people deported to Bruenlitz camp (Schindler's list), Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem 

St Albans Cathedral Tower 2005, by Gary Houston, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sarah Lyon by Robert Roe, published by W.H.Smith, after Walter Stephens Lethbridge
line engraving, published 4 September 1822, © National Portrait Gallery, London

Bevis Marks Synagogue 2008 by Deror Avi CC0, via Wikimedia Commons, with permission from Bevis Marks Synagogue

Nicholson’s Factory c1911, St Albans Museums Collection, courtesy Mike Neighbour

Cissy Miller at Battle of Cable Street 1936, People’s History Museum, Manchester

Sketch of St Albans United Synagogue, 2015 by Rebbetzin Alli Sturgess

David Hillman Windows, St Albans United Synagogue, by the late Derek Wenzerul

Blowing the shofar to mark Rosh Hashanah, St Albans Cathedral, 2020 by Corniel Quak

School visit to the United Synagogue, 2016 by Lesley Marks

United Synagogue Mitzvah Day at Sopwell Nunnery, 2019 by Gerald Morris

Black Lives Matter support from multi-faith groups, 2020, courtesy Father Richard Watson

SAMS Mitzvah Day Family Tea with Herts Welcomes Refugees, 2019 by Adam Marks

SAMS Sunflowers toddler group, 2015 by Hannah Morris

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