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Jo Conroy


‘My mother Alyce was born in St Albans in 1906 and attended Fleetville School. I have lived in St Albans since I was three years old. After leaving school I worked as a shorthand typist for MGM Studios in Elstree, then as a secretary in London. Later, after having my children, I owned a hairdresser’s shop called Roots in George Street.’

Jos grandparents Sarah and Max Grossman

‘This family photograph shows my grand-parents, Sarah and Max Grossman. They are standing at the back in front of my mother Alyce, the little girl in the middle, and her brother Joe. Sarah’s parents are seated at either side. Sarah had a fur-trimmings shop at the corner of Sutton Road and Castle Road in

St Albans, which is now a bathroom suppliers.

Max worked as a tailor at Nicholson’s raincoat factory in Sutton Road.'

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‘My grandparents, Sarah and Max Grossman, lived in

Castle Road, Fleetville, in the east of St Albans.

Many Jewish families who lived in this area worked at the Nicholson raincoat factory. Later we lived with my grandparents in nearby Oxford Avenue. This photo shows my husband Arnold and me with my grandmother Sarah at our wedding in 1958.’

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